Where's Your Head At? 

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                        Client Testimonials

  Iesha Cashmere, 


                                                                     I  AM CHANGED!! 

This intelligent, talented and beautiful woman is amazing. I know this because the minute we linked up she changed my life literally. I know she was sent from heaven. I call her my earth Angel. Words can’t really describe the affects she has on people. She is a strong, helpful, brilliant phenomenal woman. I am honored to know her and it’s a pleasure to now have her friendship. I read her book " Get Your Life Together" and that was the beginning of my present journey into to transformed life. 


                                                                                                  A professional I admire and love.

She encouraged me to live my dreams. Procrastination has always been one of my biggest challenges.  I am marveled by the way Ms Diamond juggles a professional life.  I have witnessed her deal with so many artists and actors in a humble way.  Pride is beneath her.  I am inspired by the way she can still be a loving mother, daughter, friend, and counselor while maintaining a career and difficult situations.  I look forward to her inspirational quotes and on point advice. Takiyah Diamond is more than a writer, artist, actress and multi-tasking super woman; she is a friend to who needs it, a giver for the needy, and humility is her middle name.  I applaud her greatness and look forward to her bright future.


                                           My experience with Takiyah has always been in a positive light. 

I would get up read her affirmations on FB and wonder who was this woman with all this positive energy? I was interested in knowing someone like her in my circle.  God has used Takiyah as a tool in MY life and I am forever grateful to realize this. When you have a spiritual connection with a enlightened, beautiful spirit like Takiyah there is nothing or no one that can separate that. My life has shifted after working with her as a life coach. I am now believing in myself more, my false sense of confidence is now an inner, humble but assured confidence. I will never forget Takiyah yelling at me telling me “I’m worth it” and I felt it. I now look at everything and everyone different. I love this amazing human being that GOD has used as a positive tool in my life. God Bless the Queen!! Shes a great coach to have in your corner!


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