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Two Can Play That Game

Posted on December 8, 2015 at 12:00 AM

From My Book "Get your life together" Takiyah Diamond Earth-Angel

Two Can Play That Game- ‪#‎CHAPTER‬ 7

Oh yes, two can play that game! However, who has the time on their hands to entertain some insecure individual who has nothing else better to do with themselves, and then give you a reason to create negative thoughts in your mind about them because they’re too high on themselves?

They may not know it but, this only leads them into future disappointments and experiences they’ve previously dished out, now coming back to them, rooted from how they treated you but from other people. Now, if you are the person doing the mistreating, these same universal laws apply to you too. I’m just pointing out that no one is excused from the way universal law operates. Generally expressed, the negative energy being projected at them coming from you often ends up triggering back to you, as well as to them. You will continue to be played by them.

They will be affected by someone else who returns the favor of paying them no mind, when they reach out and expect communication from someone else. Why would anyone want to attract this negativity into their life? If you’re dishing this out or taking this in, please stop! Trapped and built up emotions literally kill you!

Truth is, I can’t think of anyone who really wants this in their life. However, many don’t get the point that they are operating with their egoistic mind. It’s a deep rooted insecurity making them feel the need to prove a point, which breeds mental toxins and poisons the subconscious mind creating the undesired outcome and also unexpected health related issues to arise.

This type of pride blocks them from seeing themselves for who they really are, therefore contributing to mental tensions and leading to physical illnesses. Instead they believe in the things they do to make them appear to be who they are not, it makes them feel like they’ve got one up on you. I go deeper in explaining the egoistic mind in a later chapter. Let me show you how you this can get ugly and how it can also be avoided.

You’re expecting them to show up. You’ve called but, they don't pick up. You’ve sent them a text message and they haven’t responded. Honestly, this is where you stop yourself! There’s no need to reach out any further! Allow them to get back to you. Don’t fall into the bucket of emotions that you’ve previously poured out behind someone else’s behavior, which you have no control over. Now, here’s a little tough love.

If you don’t have much self-love or self-respect, you may even go as far as emailing them in denial as if they didn’t already see you’ve reached out. Clearly they’re not interested in dealing with you at the minute.

But take a look at a way this can easily save both parties from being energy jacked and saved from negative vibes boomeranging all over the place. Communication is the key.

Before I do that, let me say it’s one thing if you’re upset and you don't answer because you don't want to entertain drama or perhaps you’re busy or they’re busy and you simply just "missed the call", it happens. Should you have a change of plans, instead of ignoring someone, simply pick up the phone or send a text message saying,

“I apologize, I can’t speak at the minute, can I call you later?” Or, “I’m sorry, I thought I would be able to make it, but I don’t think I will. If things change, I can give you a call when I’m available”.

See how easy that is? No stress, both parties know what’s going on and can choose to wait around or go on about their lives, doing something else with their time. However, if someone deliberately does this to you, not answering calls, disappearing for days before they respond etc.; you may be dealing with a narcissist.

If this is the case, you’re in for an emotional catastrophe anyway and might as well cut the cords now! You’ll never get what you’re seeking from them. It’s a personality disorder stemmed from how they were treated growing up. You can Google it. Take a look at the behavioral traits and patterns and you’ll know who or what you’re dealing with.

Love yourself enough to not be part of the game! If you’re with someone who thinks playing games with you is cool, then you should be cool enough to tell them “tricks are for kids” and they have to find someone else to play with so you don’t hurt yourself.

If they don’t want to grow up, let them be a “Toy’s R’Us kid” without you! You weren’t hired to babysit people’s emotions in need of unconstructive attention. Don’t breed that karma into you and don't feed into the mess. That type of energy is taking you away from your higher self.

Focus on allowing someone, without an egoistic mindset into your life who won’t play games with you because they love you way too much to do that.

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