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A Reason or a Season

Posted on December 7, 2015 at 11:15 PM

People come into your life for a reason or a season.

You know what you deserve. Settling is not an option.

Do you know what you're WORTH?

You know what you deserve. If you dont value yourself, why would you expect others to value you?

In their mind, they may believe they do but are they really a hinderance or a head start?

Settling never changed the out come of ANYTHING.

You work too hard to still mingle with those who hardly work.  You dream too big to mingle with those who have LIMITED VISION.

Your consciousness is too expanded to for chill with people who are


At this point, you just done have time for things that are a waste of your time. If it's draining you, it doesnt serve you.

Go deeper within yourself and use your logic. Where willl this end up?

When you see consistant friction, it's a constistant signal that that isn't what you're supposed to still be experienceing.

You can't save the WORLD until you save yourself.

Being surrounded by people who are still stuck in a paradigm that doesnt apply anymore is limiting you.

You can only function on their level by lowering your vibration to theirs.

STAY UP!  They will have to rise to your vibration or drop

out of the picture.

It's universal law.

Takiyah Diamond 

Author/ Speaker/Mindset Coach

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