Where's Your Head At? 

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How You Feel About... What You Think About... You Bring About. 

Takiyah Diamond -Founder

Minds Up is a Positive Powerful and Purposeful Movement 
consisting of a group of High Thinkers who guide you through Proven universal laws & techniques that walk you through the processes of how to change and redesign your MINDSET, therefore causing you to 
co- create & Change YOUR LIFE.


Changing lives by Empowering MINDS-  Purposely awakening your mental so that you may walk into your destiny.



There's something about that "Shinning Diamond" that has all eyes on her. 

Her courage, confidence and strength demonstrates her choice to be free spirited in the midst of  adversity. 


"Takiyah is mostly known for her magnetic stage appeal as a performing artist and actress, but life's challenges and transitions would transform her into a best selling author, enlightenment speaker, mindset coach and mentor. 

This shift into her intellectual gifts have certainly brightened her light. 

her self-empowerment guide entitled “Get your life together” takes center stage opening the minds of many, bringing them from the dark stories of life into a new vision of light.

Her mentorship processes guide you to transforming your life by helping you gain inner-standing of how the heart & mind operates, and the key factors it takes to eliminate negative thinking patterns, programs and paradigms that disable your ability to live a happy life.

She assists with Rewiring your mindset to one that is more powerful and positively productive, leading you into prosperous and abundant living. 

Takiyah helps you understand why you feel stuck in a life that no longer serves you and more importantly… she helps you break the chains that are keeping you stuck as you walk into your personal freedom and liberation.

#Minds-up is the movement. Changing lives by Empowering minds is the solution.


Takiyah Diamond Transformation Story

So where do I begin? 

First let me say thank you for allowing me to share my story with you.
With so many lessons learned and greater inner-standing it's still my story. 
It is because of my story that I have arrived through the storm brighter 
and wiser than ever!

SO, I come to you after being in a world you are very familiar with.  
I come from the entertainment industry of " the arts"- Music Film & Theater.  
Sounds like fun right?
For the most part people only saw the glamorous part of my life, but no one was aware of what I was facing behind the scenes.
Always wearing a smile on the outside and loving from my sharing heart 
no one detected the loneliness I felt even though I was surrounded by many successful people everyday. However, the industry I was associated with 
taught me that trust was thin and many human beings were cold as ice. 
I believed this up until my mindset was reset. and I learned not everyone is on freeze.

No one saw the struggles I faced being a rising star child. 
I felt responsible to pursue it all. I was told God gave you talents. Use it or lose it!
I believed this up until my mindset was reset and I learned to just do what I love the most. Your gifts will make room for you before important people.

I taught Sunday school at the tender age of 9 years old. I landed my first print model gig in a teen magazine at age 12. By the time I reached high school I was already the "popular" girl in my school which had its excitements but also downsides.
 It brought on a lot of pre-judgment and phony friends.
That was my ultimate observation. 

I was an only child on my mothers side. I had cousins that were raised by my mom so they were more like sisters and brothers to me.  That wasn't an issue.

The issue was, as I grew older, I was informed that I had biological siblings that I never got to spend time with growing up because 
I was a secret love child. 

Although I never wanted much for anything and my dad was a super dad to me, still,
 I was a secret and no one could know about me. Although many had figured it out. 

It was hurtful to not have my "own" sisters and brothers join my successes, especially being the baby, hearing them proudly say, that's my sister! Imagine being your friends idol, but your family's outcast! 

Eventually I suppressed all that and decided to love my dad regardless, but I can remember as a child being quite angry at him and my mom for that part of my creation. I felt she was no better being that she accepted this arrangement. , I began meeting others with the same or similar stories; but that didn't make it right.

 Auditions came and went.  I was the least bit interested in going after feeling really down for months, not driven at all to do what I loved. 

Nevertheless I eventually accepted I had no control over it and my parents felt the best way to keep the peace was to leave me unknown to my siblings, but well known to the world. That being said I continued to pursue my dreams, smiling continuously through the inner pain.

My success became greater and then what the world calls "haters" began to show up.
 Here's this girl who loved everybody and couldn't understand everyone else's bitterness. After all, should I have been the one feeling some kind of way?

Because I was always so kind hearted, I had this idea that everyone was like me and happy to see others happy. I learned the hard way that if other people didn't have your success, they didn't want you to have it either. 

The spirit of jealousy and envy surely had a hold on some of the people I trusted the most that would use black magic and other methods of sorcery to destroy my relationships, businesses, finances, and so much more.  It was a like seeing and doing it all to climb up, just fall down with no idea in sight as  to what the heck changed that sat me right on my @#$.

 The funny part was as mad as I could've been, I  completely trusted that God would bring me out and with reasons why these things were happening. 

 Now  let's go a little deeper into my journey and the music as it played it's part.

A gifted songwriter actress performer, people dare to dream about that life.  
But once you're in you begin to see that what you see on television isn't really reality.

  I began to see the Glitz and Glam was designed to keep you mind controlled and locked down in mental prison.  You were blinded from knowing your original birthright to be prosperous and abundant in all things.

I began listening in at industry meetings. Which actor would participate in brainwashing you in this movie? Which artist would be used at the Grammy's to perform a ritual that would hypnotize you to keep you small as you think you're just watching a performance. It's really deep.  

Truth is,  you were programmed on purpose to "Want what you can't have" and that you can only "Have what you don't want  so that "Nothing" would be what you get".
Powerless, Poverty lived, & Pretty Pissed off feeling there's nothing you can do to change it.
I know, you probably want to know why all this madness right? I was the same way and I can go on for days about it but I do discuss it  in my book 
"Get Your Life Together" if you really want the full story on why we were all placed under this spell which can be found above in the Books & Products tab.

You were taught it's normal to be living in hell here on earth!!
The music videos, movies, songs all were there to plant those negative limited thinking seeds in your mind blocking your greatness and mine too. 
I had to do something about this. 

Then came the devastation! I lost my youngest brother and my special love to gang violence and my sister in law within 45 days time. 

One was Innocent and one was cleaning his life up for greater causes in the world and boom! Gone like the wind.   That took a big toll on me because 
I realized in an even more profound way that they were also victims of media, 
asleep, fooled, and controlled. 

I  began to write and sing songs that told the truth behind the 
entertainment industry. 

 But then something greater than me took over and influenced my calling to understand how the mind works to kill the mind control. I came to clarify how we've become programmed through these media channels and why we live the life we see.
I discovered how to rewire my brain, clear old mental habits, patterns and beliefs and began taking back control.  Shortly after my life began as a published author, motivational speaker and mindset & accountability coach. I became a change agent.

Once I learned exactly how the tactics worked to keep us asleep, I vowed that I would dig deeper and deeper until I knew what it took to wake others up to create the life they desire.

Now I am here helping others know the truth and helping them see how to grow through your experiences as opportunities to evolve not obstacles you can't get over.

All these things above that I saw as issues before, were all just a part of what I needed to help others get through and to the truth.  

When you changing the way they look at things the things you look at change. 
~Wayne Dyer