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Live Your Dream 30 Min Complimentary
Breakthrough Coaching Session

=> Create a crystal clear vision for your “ultimate personal 
or business success” 

=> Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging the 
growth of your business and manifesting your desires

=> Leave this session renewed, re-energized, and inspired 
to turn your life into one of ease and flow confident and liberated.

If you’d like to take advantage of this very special, very limited, and totally


Question... 2017 is about over! So, what is your plan to ensure 2018 begins and CONTINUES to be a SUCCESS?/

Does this sound familiar? 

  • You set goals but rarely complete them. 
  • You know what you want, but unsure of how to achieve it. 
  • You abandon million dollar ideas. 
  • You struggle with confidence that you can really accomplish what you set out to          do. 

We can sit here and babble about why it didn't work, or you can enter 2017 fully optimistic, with laser clarity about how to implement your success.

As a visionary strategist, mindset leader who provides HOTROCK accountability, I lead men and women success seekers like you to achieve goals with ease. Accountability with strategy will get you the results you desire quickly as you move from idea to invention! 

Whether your goal is to lose 20 lbs, start your own business, or bring that special project to life, a customized winning plan can be created just for you that will: Reduce worry, get you laser focused on what's important, and eliminate the struggle to achieving your dreams! 


  • Get a step by step action plan - 4 weeks ( One Main Goal ). 
  • Includes a 30 min 1 on 1 breakthrough session for 2017
  • 30 minute belief hack (Mindset Restoration) 
  •  Email Access for Q&A for 30 Days

  • Get a  step by step action plan 4 -8 weeks
  • Includes 1 30 min breakthrough session
  •  Belief Hack 1 Hour Session (Mindset Restoration) 
  •  Email Access 30 - 60 days Q&A
  • Inner Child ( Healing Session)
  • Weekly accountability
  • Access to private group for additional enlightenment 

OPTION #3  $699 (Best Option) 

  •  Get a 4 week - 8 weeks -or 12 week step by step action plan
    • Includes 1 30 min breakthrough session
    • (4)  Belief Hack 1 Hour Session (Mindset Restoration) 
    •  Email Access 30 - 60 days Q&A
    • Inner Child ( Healing Session)
    • Weekly accountability
  • Confidence Builder Session
  • Procrastination Buster
  • Access to private fb group for additional enlightenment
  •   Mastermind Connection 
    (weekly group call that allows you to interact with other 
    members to step into the
     feeling of your new reality )

This course is for you if you are ready to:

  • Discover and eliminate the beliefs that hinder your happiness & prosperity so you can have the freedom to live the way you want, take care of your loved ones, & give back to good causes.
  •  Attract a relationship to you with someone that makes you happy, or help you restore the one you're in because you see things differently and understand your partner better.
  •  Release the victimizations of your past memories so you can leave it behind you and move on and more! YOU NEED YOUR LIFE BACK! You don't have to feel victimized by this.  

Once you know, YOU GROW and you will have an opportunity to change anything you want about your life. 

True Love and Commitment will be yours HEALTH & WEALTH will be yours too.                                                                            

 You can join this course for over 60% off  in full at $499. 
Or you can enroll in the payment plan at $167 a month for 3 Months.

Limited time Offer  @ this  rate normally priced at 1297

financial fitness program 

Grab your Towel, Bottled Water and Get ready to sweat because it's time for FINANCIAL FITNESS!!! & You have got to be READY for this WORKOUT!

Here’s the cold, hard truth: You can’t blame the economy, your mean boss, or bill collectors for your money woes.Those things are not the problem. If that were the case, EVERYONE would be living in lack and we know that is a lie. What makes wealthy people different from you? 

It's their Money Mindset!

In fact, the problems you have with money are the result of the thoughts and beliefs you have about money nothing MORE nothing LESS. If I could show you how to shift your money mindset to begin rewiring your brain for financial abundance would you be interested? 
I will help you identify and release the limiting beliefs you have and reset your money mindset to get you back on track and on the road to financial prosperity. 


Become Heart Centered

Lose your mind and come to your senses. This statement implies getting out of your head to stop thinking! It takes practice to master this skill, so why not start today? By focusing on your senses; feeling, smelling, tasting, seeing and hearing, you increase the connection to your environment. The more you tune into nature, and your higher self,  the more you naturally start absorbing the vertical flow of energy up from the Earth into your body and down from the Sun into your body. This double stream of energy mixes within each chakra creating healthy Bio-Energy vibrations to constantly replenish and renew your cells creating great health.  

Hypnosis will help you realign your subconscious mind by delivering new suggestions that will help you change the thoughts you think, therefore  giving you a new judge to take progressive actions. 

Live or Pre- Recorded Sessions that will take you through the visualization processes and show you how to write a new story, and begin telling that one from now on, therefore changing the way you see your  life  as the director.